URBAN PLAN + HOUSING pinhal novo . portugal
national competition . completed

Can we consider low density as a possible urban future?

The essential concept of the project plan, is to reverse the normal process of development of the streets. In this case, the streets are buried, with two floors and are surrounded by housing modules, making the normal ground floor in a huge green park. The vegetable gardens are developed at the ground floor.

This urban plan uses as reference the historic European city, without zoning or geometry, complex and varied, rich in striking for local situations. It also uses as reference the utopian proposal of the early nineteenth century, such as Howard’s garden city. Here, the low-density housing is brought to minimum values , contributing to raise the quality of life for future inhabitants of this new neighborhood.

The housing modules are developed in the same volume but reversed in two diametrically opposed situations, one characterizes the interior spaces in a horizontal relationship with the outside world and the second module develops the interiors with vertical relationship with the outside. Both modules have vegetable gardens on the roof as a basic condition of the new contemporary family, post-crisis.

type: competition
client: pinhal novo city council
location: pinhal novo, portugal
architecture: vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
size: 200.000 m2
status: competition entry

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