ARTS MUSEUM antwerp . belgium
international competition . completed

The site of the future museum is located near one of busiest highway of Antwerp, The Ring, that represents a limit to the city as well as a door to enter in the city. Yet, it´s also near to the most important art institute of the town, The Single. By the east side, tangent to one of the limits of the terrain, crosses a large road that connects directly to the city center, guiding the traffic movement of The Ring and the suburbs.

Surrounded by all of this road network, lies the museum site. One big, plan and green open space, where most of the local community pass by every day. The main goal of this proposal is to preserve and rehabilitate the existing landscape, making it more attractive to the local community as open-air as well as an indoor leisure space.

This will be reached by placing a building that merge itself with a network of paths created to streamline the landscape and its direct influence on the city everyday life. The interior circulation that connects all museum departments will be below the public circulations, as a continuation of the exterior paths. The interior space will be divided into nine buildings that will be placed in between the paths network, creating interior roads that end in a central public square.

In terms of volume, the nine buildings will present the appearance of non-geometric forms raised on one of the sides to become the entry points of the buildings. This identity will detach the museum by means of its brutalism and permeability.

type: competition
client: vlaams architectuur instituut
location: antwerp, belgium
architecture: inês gomes
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 10.000.000 €
size: 4.000 m2
status: competition entry

all images © beyond-architecs