CARNIVAL ARTS CENTER torres vedras . portugal
international competition . completed

With this competition, there was the opportunity to return to the city, a large space that has been abandoned, and therefore unexploited, for years.

The site is mainly organized by two icons, the old slaughter house and the old quarry, and the space between them. This two elements are the starting point for research and in the end, they can be both identified as being a vital part of the new building. In fact, the extension that we suggest do not exist as a visible thing, it is instead a stealth object, hidden under the topographic conditions of the site.

The project take advantage of the existing slope, enhancing and re-qualifying it, keeping it as a striking element in the landscape, as well as large space around the courtyard which will be transformed into a public green park. The idea is to extend this natural character of the old quarry through the site, by adding a “buried” building that hides himself within the walls of the plot and enhance the value of the existing quarry.

With this type of intervention, we propose not only a cultural building, that promotes artistic experimentation and innovation, but also a public green space, multifunctional, integrated with the new urban theories proposed for this área. This entire functional structure is organized by an irregular mesh, which at the ground floor defines the various spaces of the project and on the roof plan creates pathways and models around the green space, which arises naturally as an interpretation of the surrounding chaos.

The division of space is constructed through the use of circular translucent plastic tubes, which show the use of each space. These translucent walls are covered by glass of multiple colors, which allows light to enter for these different spaces with different characters and environments for every different space around the museum.

type: competition
client: torres vedras city council
location: torres vedras, portugal
architecture: ines gomes, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: krunal premgi; ricardo dias; ricardo mendonça; nuno soares
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 2.460.000 €
size: 3.075 m2
status: competition entry

all images © beyond-architecs