ASSER.BIZ | BRANDING porto . portugal
commission . completed
2013 it´s a young, dynamic and mainly digital company. Provides communication consultancy services, market research, promotional SMS, among other services. The logo design to represent the company shows the positioning of the company in the market, whose values are consistency, simplicity as well as dynamism and positive attitude to the challenges that are presented.

The symbol that composes the logo suggests an upward movement that transmits an image of confidence and success, at the same time that suggests to potential customers that the company is "the missing link to your business", since the symbol suggests the overcome of a barrier, the communication with customers. We use color gradients whenever possible, giving an volumetric illusion to the elements that would otherwise be always two-dimensional.

The website represents the continuity for the ideas presented above by means of a single image, consistent and strong. The background of the website will be composed of multiple images that will gradually change. With the introduction of a semi-transparent horizontal bar all menus and contents are contained within it, without being influenced by the use of the background images.

type: commission
location: porto, portugal
design: ines gomes, vitor cataluna ribeiro
status: completed

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