ELECTRA CHAIR lisboa . portugal
commission . completed

The starting point for the creation of this object is intimately connected to the idea of transformation, reinterpretation and reference. We opted for a very simple object, but because it belongs to the choreographer Olga Roriz, it endowed this object with a symbolism and an unique story. This isn't just only a chair...

The original chair is cold, heavy with rough and aged aspect. Made of iron, with a simple and functional design, stands out for being the central element on a solo performed by the artist, the play Electra . It is in this context that the new object is based, following also a sustainable language and philosophy, the key concept of the Hotel Rio do Prado, member of the organization of this initiative.

The new chair is constructed of ribbed iron, molded to the shape and ergonomics of the object, in an elementary mode. It is a visually fragmented, lightweight and minimalist object, a kind of inner structure shelled, thin and empty, but simultaneously heavy, rude and cold. This object is "humanized" by the aromatic herbs placed on the feet of the chair, creating a living object that is constantly changing , creating a sense of dependency and direct interaction with the user who uses and cares of the chair, not as another piece furniture, but as a hybrid element that needs constant care and attention.

This object lives in his own time, a time that is not ours, calm and serene , where the dancing between the plants and the steel reveal the true sustainable object. This is an immaterial chair in a certain sense, perverting the traditional image of the design. It is a living object that needs our attention and tries to rescue us from the anesthetic state we live in and reinvent the way we interact with our objects...

type: commission
client: beyond-architects
sales contact: electra@beyond-architects.com
location: lisboa, portugal
design: ines gomes, vitor cataluna ribeiro
exhibition: SHED76
status: completed

first 2 images © companhia olga roriz
other images © beyond-architecs