PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL barreiro . portugal
commission . built

Rather than exhaustively define any possible intervention in this cluster, define a concept of intervention, a materiality, a line that gives the tone, which can be used in various ways, with different spatial and functional results, but that turns out to be always present, contributing to creating a strong image, which acts as a kind of visual memory and will be the space identity.

This image is the creation of a simple design and easy to read space, with white as base color, creating a greater depth and brightness, and a continuous surface on the floor without joints that creates continuity. To the base image is added a key element that characterizes the basic unit of which spring all the elements necessary furniture, bookcases, benches, tables, lamps or even flower boxes, the limit is your imagination ...

This key is intended as a kind of ready-made contemporary. Relegated to the background image of sophistication with which the architecture is constantly linked and an element of everyday use, low cost but is designed to withstand, which is already in everybody memory but out of context arises as an element of surprise. This element is the plastic box.

Special Thanks for their huge support to: Carlos Gimenez | Emanuel Cunha | Eugénio Baptista | Inês Gomes | João Apolinário | João Teixeira | José Martins | Margarida Quintino

type: commission
client: escola profissional bento de jesus caraça
location: barreiro, portugal
architecture: tiago prior moniz, vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 50.000 €
size: 500 m2
status: built

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