HIBRID OBJECT lisboa . portugal
international competition . honourable mention

At this moment in history, period of rapid change and increasingly ephemeral ties, personal and physical, does it really make sense [re] thinking about the city.

The city needs to be flexible, hybrid, multifunctional, not in the traditional sense but in a new direction specific, we can have an object that can serve for many activities, several hours of the day with a target audience rather dispersed and varied, may be these basic principles of the global city, variety, identity, functionality and equality.

This proposal seeks to in one hand, the need increasingly emerging hyper temporary accommodation at the same time, try being in a logical whole, it serves as temporary housing but on the other hand serves as street lighting, and since has two functions assigned, trying to answer the need to make the space more efficient.

The dynamic and sculptural direction was also considered. When empty, the module is closed and when in use is open, similar to the operation of a flower, through an electrical system in which the parts moving along a vertical rail. As the essence of the word hybrid sets, does not have a specific place, every place is possible and the functionality is required across the city.

type: competition
client: arquitectura.pt
location: lisboa, portugal
architecture: vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 25.000 €
size: 25 m2
status: honourable mention

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