BOX HOUSE salvaterra de magos . portugal
commission . in progress

The site is idyllic and ends in a large lake. The project stems from an interaction between program proposed by the client, a house with large common areas and the possibility of a strong link to the outside, and the existing place, characterized by its strong rurality, looking for a contamination of the outside to the inside, maximizing the important views.

So by breaking the paradigm of the box object, there is a multiplicity of spaces that interact with each other, characterized by the natural elements that are instilled by the courts, and the light that comes from these. The exterior invades the volume of the house and the house invades the space previously empty.

The rupture of the volume results in a large central public space, characterized by its spatial volume, different heights and different moments resulting from the activities inherent to the normal operation of a house. The exterior is coated with wooden slats, bringing the materiality of the house on the exterior close to the natural surrounding. This allows the opening of windows and do not prevent the passage of light and views, but also allows the volume to be read as one.

type: commission
client: confidential
location: salvaterra de magos, portugal
architecture: tiago prior moniz, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matriz xxi
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 250.000 €
size: 300 m2
status: in progress

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