HOUSE IN CASCAIS cascais . portugal
commission . built

The challenge from any refurbishment is to take advantage of the existing spatial qualities and enable the appearance of others in a process of minutia and detail, so that the final result is more than a mere gesture to regain what was lost in time.

The orientation and volumetry of the house impose that its interior was designed not only functionally but mainly to reveal the hidden potential that it had. Its apparent verticality, with its high ceiling heights and lack of continuity between the various floors and spaces led us to create a multi-functional permeable wall that is present in all floors. Its location gave bird to a greater depth to the spaces and also illuminating the entire space while assuming a major role in the whole project, resolving functional and comfort issues.

The client intention was to create a single bedroom house with the possibility of sleeping in the living room, and the premises could be summarised by the need to functionality, strength and economy of construction. To clearly reflect these desires in our project we used durable and clean materials. The entrance hall is rethinked to welcome and to contain the kitchenette and the access to the toilet, anticipating the arrival to the living room. This living room can become a room that can be closed, making it possible to prepare meals without making too much noise to those who sleep in the room.

The reconfiguration of the stairs, the transparency and the permeability of the wooden wall increases the spatial perception of the room, while resolves comfortable and safely the access to the room on the 1st floor. This room, as they want it as a shelter inside the house, it isolates itself to a huge window where you can have a panoramic view over Cascais, and access to the rooftop terrace, where you are surprised by the proximity of the sea.

type: commission
client: confidential
location: cascais, portugal
architecture: inês gomes, joão pedro miguel, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matriz xxi
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 40.000 €
size: 50 m2
status: built

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