BUNKER HOUSE coimbra . portugal
commission . in progress

The context is rural, where by tradition, the houses are rarely found in its final stage of construction. Some are painted, others have brick in sight, others are in cement. This home is within the rural context absorbing the prevailing tone, the cement, thus appearing as an object shrouded in the existing environment.

The proximity of neighboring buildings suggests that the gap and the views need to be controlled and off, turning the volume enclosed in a kind of bunker. However, the need for lighting in a house is huge and this house is no exception, and we choose for the creation of occasionally interior patios with a small passage to the exterior of the volume, which transformed this house into something surprisingly pleasant and private .

The plot is long and narrow, so the only chance was to situate the house at one end of the lot in order to allow the existence of a reasonable size garden. The vegetation also helps in the problem of proximity to the neighbors.

type: commission
client: confidential
location: coimbra, portugal
architecture: tiago prior moniz, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matriz xxi
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 150.000 €
size: 150 m2
status: in progress

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