HOUSE IN LUANDA luanda . angola
international competition . completed

The privilege of living as a community appears as a response to the need of housing from people that have always lived in that way. So the street appears as an integrant space of the patio – patio is street, patio is house so house is street. Urban design is changeable, result of ownership of the street by the private space. Different arrangements of the private space allow an increase of patio area and consequently the public area too. The public/private relationship fades, creating mixed areas.

The three modules that create each house emerge as elements of standard pieces, through various conjugations they create different shapes, which can be constructed by the users themselves, quickly and simply. Therefore is attributed to the population the ability to build its own public and private space.

Each house contains three modules – one static (kitchen/wc) and two dynamic (parent’s bedroom and grandparents/grandchildren bedroom) the dynamic can take two forms, closed or open – always containing the furniture for the daily life. It is intended as a maximizing space, which will be used throughout the day.

type: competition
client: trienal de arquitectura de lisboa
location: luanda, angola
architecture: sofia costa, tiago prior moniz, vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 25.000 €
size: 50 m2
status: competition entry

all images © beyond-architecs