LIBRARY AND ARCHIVE grandola . portugal
international competition . 3rd prize

The location of the building fosters the public use by the community. The best way to link the building to the public space is by creating a real interaction / connection between the two. It is proposed the extension of the public square into the lot, creating a central space of the new building. It also represents an extension of our idea of ​​building, as this square is shaded and semi-covered, assuming an important role in the everyday life of the city.

It is intended that the building meets the image of public building, lighting and transparency, and also aesthetic and functional qualities. The volume is in part an almost abstract lightness, transparency and able to appeal the common citizen, arousing curiosity, but it emerge as a homogeneous and identifiable object.

The facade / roof of the building has been optimized for the natural illumination of the interior. All the technical facilities and the shelves for the books are included in the facade elements, which all together represent the functional network of the building. Without them, the building wouldn’t survive.

The interior is designed as a large empty space, surrounded by this outer skin. This space is characterized by the oscillation between single and double ceiling heights, corresponding to the functional nuances inherent in each specific program space. Internal services within the building, behave as a mass suspended within this void, whose form designs and models the empty space inside.

type: competition
client: grandola city council
location: grandola, portugal
architecture: ines gomes, josé ribeiro, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matriz xxi
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 2.000.000 €
size: 3.600 m2
status: 3rd prize

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