MOULIN ROUGE paris . france
international competition . completed

The main concept of this proposal is about movement, suggested by the function but also about some other questions, what is a windmill, what is a building and what is the future of architecture, in some way, the so called green architecture can be achieved as a full concept, using the full building as a sustainable paradigm. In this proposal, the new concept of the windmill, acts also as an iconic building but also as a real windmill.

This new “building” is the moulin rouge itself, and not an exterior object. This concept is achieved creating a matrix of plastic tubes, each one as an essencial role in the process, suspended from the top to the ground. This light volume transform the standard architecture into something lighter, without limits, a space to discover and to walk in. The system is about the free form, and the movement, of these elements will be a consequence of the wind and persons movements.

Our main goal was to create a contemporary facade / body / architecture that could transmit more than just a visual aspect. It is a haptic building as well, and all about movement, transforming the experience of the visitor and the dancer into something else. This is a multifunctional volume, the facade is not just a flat plan, it is the building itself as a global element, transforming the interior space, creating space, absorbing space, interacting with the human presence, producing energy with its movement... The new moulin rouge is a metaphor of a full architecture.

type: competition
client: architectum
location: paris, france
architecture: ines gomes, nuno gonçalves, simone cunha, tiago moniz, vitor ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 1.500.000 €
size: 2.500 m2
status: competition entry

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