international competition . 6th prize

With this competition, there was the opportunity to think cultural, social and urbanistic about a large space that has been abandoned, and therefore unexploited, for years, and make it return to the city.

This railway station like many others all over the country are the memory of our history and consequently of the technological progress. Over the years and with the constant economic crisis, several railways have been abandoned, and consequently, the same happened with the stations, which nowadays are abandoned and in very poor conditions. In this context, the urge is to return the lost importance to this spaces, connecting them again with the city and its population, with a touch of modernity and singularity, acting as a reference in public space again.

The peculiar image of this building stands in the landscape as a journey in time, recalling the history and the elements of the railways and their materiality. Our proposal starts from this recall, and uses the topographic nuances that exist in the site to generate a topographic surface that will link all the new buildings and the public space in front of the station together with the old buildings and the city.

Using a system of railway sleepers [200x20x10cm], something that without doubt makes us recall the railway, through their repetition and overlapping, we create an orthogonal grid, molded through the addition and subtraction of this elements. This topographic surface contains several dynamic situations, such as benches, amphitheater, viewpoint, trees and water. In the interior space of the new building, this surface creates points of natural illumination and ventilation.

type: competition
client: mora city council
location: mora, portugal
architecture: ines gomes, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matrix xxi
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 1.500.000 €
size: 2.500 m2
status: 6th prize

all images © beyond-architecs