RURAL HOUSE avis . portugal
commission . in progress

This project main goal is to transform an old traditional house into a touristic moment, always with the intrinsic characteristics of the existing house in mind. That way, our project lays between the respect to the site and the will to go beyond the traditional type of projects that we are talking about, a project full of moments which will enhance the natural qualities of the land, contributing to the future memories of the people who will stay here.

Somehow, the program demands an extend of the existing area. This need will arise as a silent act, and the new volume will be placed underground, to preserve the natural visual landscape untouched. This new act will naturally divide the plot into three situations, housing, agriculture and leisure.

The existing house will be recovered with traditional materials and techniques. The inner space of the house maintains its natural function. The natural lack of light in the interior of the units is changed by the creation of a central patio, which will bring light again to the interior space of the house.

In conclusion, the purpose of the project it is not to provide what the landscape has better in a direct way, instead, we intend to suggest a search and a natural discovery of the characteristics from the rural landscape, the silence or the amazing views.

type: commission
client: confidential
location: avis, portugal
architecture: tiago prior moniz, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: matriz xxi
landscaping: carina oliveira
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 100.000 €
size: 500 m2
status: in progress

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