ECO FACADE lisboa . portugal
international competition . shortlisted

Statistics show that cities are the major cause of global warming and that, in average, 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. The cities and buildings that make up our habitat are the evidence of an obsolete form of constructing and of architecture making. Our main mission is to solve, in a technologically advanced and self-sufficient way, the energetic, thermal and luminous shortcomings of buildings, thus contributing to greater sustainability in the world we live in.

With that need and that will as a starting point, the proposal we are presenting, comes into existence, which main goal is to allow an exponential increase in the profitability and energetic efficiency of buildings by offering sustainable, dynamic and adaptative management products and services. This company represents a paradigm change in the current market of clean technology applied to buildings, which generally offers technically underdeveloped solutions with low profitability in view of the high initial investment.

The system can be added to the facade of any building, which makes this solution an agent of photovoltaic production, with and annual output of 215Kwh/m2, serving at the same time as an ideal solution for exterior shading, reducing in 30% the energetic consumption of the air-conditioning systems.

The basic principles that constitute the genesis of this system are biomimesis and the concept of interactivity. As in nature, the system is programmed to react to exterior and interior stimuli, to make decisions, be self-aware and have memory. The primordial target market will be the one of office buildings, mainly because they are big consumers of air-conditioning systems and, consequently, their energy spending is quite high when compared to the one of residential buildings. And also because of the investing potential of companies, to whom the purchase of this type of system is a huge plus.

type: competition EDP Inovação 2012
client: Fundação EDP
location: lisboa, portugal
architecture: inês gomes, joão pedro miguel, vitor cataluna ribeiro
engineering: ana oliveira da costa, carlos gimenez
financial plan: sofia carvalho ferreira, catarina de azevedo cruz
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 200.000 €
size: 1.500 m2
status: shortlisted

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