TASCA DO CHICO everywhere . world
commission . in progress

When deconstructing all the memories surrounding this topic, arises several images that take us to other time and other experiences. A picture of a typical Portuguese tavern, either in an urban environment or rural one, is strongly connected with the stone countertop, the simple dark wooden furniture, patterns of tiles that lined the walls or even the products showcased in a chaotic manner. This image lost in time is the experience of a community space where knowledge and time is shared with the flavor of traditional products.

The memory of the typical taverns combined the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčrepresenting Portugal, through its symbols, and its gastronomic culture, resulted in the creation of a simple object through its shape, but also by its functionality and modularity and the complex concepts it represents, conveying the portuguese spirit, both domestically and internationally.

Portuguese House + Portuguese Tavern + Symbols of Portugal

Based on these three concepts, we designed a small modular pavilion, with two dimensions 3x3m and 5x5m. We adopt the form of a home, roofed, with the possibility of become fully closed or partly open, by removing elements less relevant to the module structure. The possibility of removing the elements allows this volume to be flexible and adaptable to all possible implementations, while allowing a complex system of relations to the exterior. The possibility of this module to expand to a larger size is achieved by adding elements which do not alter the formal language volume, constituting only one addition to this, while maintaining substantially the same shape and modular structure.

Inside the module is filled with furniture, also modular, allowing several modes of organizing the space, answering all the necessary functions. These modules will be dark wood, close to the image of the Portuguese tavern, in some cases with glass compartments to expose products. In terms of materiality, this pavilion will highlight by its panels "coated" with tiles, blank inside and outside with a typical Portuguese tiled pattern, blue and white. Inside the tiled walls are filled with paintings with ornate frames, which content will be the symbols and the spirit to representing our country worldwide.

type: commission
client: francisco mendes
location: everywhere, world
architecture: ines gomes, joão pedro miguel, vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 10.000 €
size: 25 m2
status: in progress

all images © beyond-architecs