international competition . completed

In the context of this competition, about the Building for Bouwkunde, we started by questioning the self essence of space and stage. It is not just about the question of the classroom traditionally referenced but mainly about the question of the performance, the everyday of the institution as a continuous play, being our proposal the stage for that constantly happening performances.

This concept in the one hand stimulates the interrelationship between students and outsiders and in the other hand it catalyses this huge stage of life, being not just a space for research but also a space of analysis and everyday life. Architecture is not a simple statement and we purpose a multifunctional and multispacial matrix of situations and interactions based in a simple concept about mass, subtraction, addition, movement but mainly void as the stage of performance where everyone is the performer.

The hybrid and the multifunctional are constant concepts in the proposal, using the possibility of movement or just the unmeaning of space as base instruments. The void as a symbolic institution where one can interact and occupy the way he wants. The building facade and roof act also as multifunctional elements, the triple layer of glass function as water tank (for rain water), to be used in the building and taking advance of the gravitational energy of the mass of water, that also functions as thermal isolation system and also as solar panels, using the innovate nanosolar technology, leaving the transparency of the glass almost intact and the brightness of the interior void assured.

type: competition
client: delft university
location: delft, netherlands
architecture: ines gomes, sérgio antunes, vitor cataluna ribeiro
visualization: beyond-architects
budget: 35.000.000 €
size: 51.000 m2
status: competition entry

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